Auto-Save for assets and policies page

Every one of our techs has on numerous occasions forgotten to click the “Save” button after moving assets between policy folders, changing policy assignments or adding/removing folders.

The consequences of failing to click save are often not trivial.

Trading performance for security is well worth it in this instance. It is all too easy to drag a device to another folder and think the task completed - the only visual cue that the changes are not applied is the slight change in color of the “Save” button. At least mark unsaved changes in bright red or some other more noticeable indication that a save is needed.

Haha, this has bit me a few times!
I’m on the fence about that though, because sometimes i want to play around in there and don’t want it to save and push. The policies push so fast that you could get yourself in a real pickle on an autosave that you didn’t really want to autosave. :slight_smile:

Changing the unsaved changes to a high contrast style would solve both issues.