Auto Resolve for low disk space doesn't work

We have a couple of incidents that the server ran on low disk space and triggered the alert. We expanded the server storage to get more free space. However, the alert won’t auto-resolve and remains in the system. We are sure the “Auto-resolve Low Hard Drive Space alert” check box was marked in the policy before the low disk space occurred. Seems like there is a bug in Syncro system.

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Yup, this is a “known” issue but I don’t think they are doing anything about it. I reported this in April to multiple people at Synco. Account Rep, technical rep, and support. Still not fixed apparently.

Works fine for me, just had a case of it today. Don’t recall noticing any issues in the past either.

It’s apparently intermittent. And from my testing, seems to happen more frequently on VMs.

This is not a known issue, and I can confirm it’s working fine in my tests.

For anyone who might be seeing this issue currently, please open a ticket with support if you haven’t already.

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Well, that’s disappointing since I sent in many examples, had who I thought was someone higher up at Sycro also testing this and confirmed same results as me. Also was told a bug report was submitted.

I’m sure I can dig up all the email communications about this and forward them over to you or support if you’d like.

I’ll check again for the bug report I could have missed it. If you find your ticket number in the meantime let me know.

Sure. The ticket number was 98776. It states in it on 5/25 that an Open Development Task was submitted. That was the last I heard.

Thanks, I tracked this down. I misspoke on this one, it seems this can happen as you describe. I don’t have any updates for you other than to confirm it is currently logged as an issue.

So is this a known bug reported for over 5 months and hasn’t been taken care of? What is your bug fix cycle?

I have seen this come up a few times. Out of over 500 end points I generally see 2 a week have this issue of not clearing the low disk space alert. So I can see how this could be hard to pin down. I too would like a fix. My techs start to figure out some alerts are not legit and start to ignore them. I try to keep open alerts a few as possible to avoid alert fatigue.