Auto assign once a tech replies


In our old ticketing system, if a new ticket came in via email, and it was not assigned to anyone, it would auto assign once a technician replies. Now because our techs aren’t used to this, they never assign themselves manually, and I find myself going through and doing it myself.

Is there any way to have it set so when a technician leaves a public comment on a ticket for the first time, the ticket is auto assigned to that tech? Any future comments or private notes from other techs would not cause the ticket to be re-assigned, it would just stay on the original technician.


There’s not but it has been requested. I would love this feature as well.

I feel like there’s others but maybe it was requested on FB.


Ah, guess I should have done a search first. Appreciate that, will add my interest to the feature request.

I’d love this too. First tech to reply should get the assignment.

Service Now had this feature really liked it. defiantly would like to see this implemented

1+ would like to see… they really need to look into improving the ticket system… many good ideas que up already and from a programming stand point - shouldn’t take too long to add in honestly.

I like this idea and I am tracking this one.