We use I would like to set up autopay for a customer. Is this possible in Syncro with Authorize? Where do I find it?

@anon89311191, is a legacy integration. Please open a ticket with support to enable the app in your account and to discuss some of the limitations.

You can open a ticket here

I’d like to add, if you require fields to be completed when saving a card, you will struggle to save inside of Syncro. We were advised a while ago that the less info you have on a transaction, the more fees we could incur, and it always makes us a higher risk. For that reason, we require almost every field in Syncro doesn’t ask any of the info, only assumes based on what’s filled out in the company screen in Syncro, but even still not everything passes over to a required field. For this reason, we save the card in and link inside of Syncro. This works ok for our use, but it means that customer’s can’t self-service and add cards.