Integration Improvements

I would like to see the following improvements made to the integration. I realize you may not be making money off of it, but I do pay for Syncro, so in a way, you are :). It is one of the biggest payment gateways and connects to numerous processors. I need to efficiently collect payments and my customers need to be able to use the portal to store cards, and make CC/ACH payments. We kept running into errors and Support wasn’t really able to help much because the integration isn’t widely used or advertise as existing. For that reason, we gave up on the customer portal. We’d love to get that going. At the present, we add cards to Authorize and link back to Syncro to cover recurring, but outside of that it doesn’t work well. Most of the integration is done and it wouldn’t take that much to vastly improve it.

  1. Ask for billing information at the time the card is stored and for manually entered cards that are not stored. Not all cards use the physical address for billing, some may be a PO address or a corporate location. This can apply to other payment integrations, so it benefits all.

  2. Completely map fields from Authorize to Syncro on storing cards, taking payments and pass through the data. Without this, we cannot require fields on transactions. The less data on a transaction, the higher the risk, the higher the risk, the higher fees can be. For example, not even the Invoice # is passed through.

  3. Enable ACH. The API is almost identical and in fact, you can create an ACH profile in Authorize, link as a CC profile in Syncro and run ACH payments this way, however, we cannot store or have customers run or store in the portal. This is pretty important for us because we process quite a bit of checks and all our bank branches closed down nearby and it’s a pain to scan each check for remote deposit. Stripe ACH is coming, but we have almost 300 payment profiles in, it’s not an easy switch for us.

All the fields when you add the payment profile

All the fields when you run the card

All the fields that can be required on a transaction (this is why it’s important for Syncro to ask this info at the time of storing or manually processing)