Audit Trail - adding this for 15 characters

The ability to see who has logged in and from where. Should be able to see when clients have accessed the portal and employees.
Also failed logins
for starters.


Yes! Audit everything.

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why they didn’t implement this. I even remember seeing in the KBs that login audit isn’t implemented.

I will chime in and say that this would be extremely useful for my company. I had a client that was getting locked out and it would’ve been helpful to be able to see an audit trail to see if someone was trying to log in as him. In another case, sometimes it’s useful just when sending a new user the invite to see if they ever logged in and created their account.

I currently do this myself via a script that runs every 30 mins, but would welcome this to be built in. I have a custom field that I populate with the logged in user, then each time the script runs it compares the current user to the user in the custom field, if different it updates the custom field and writes to the activity log via the Syncro “Log-Activity” module.

I don’t mean auditing of the workstations and who is logged in on agent pc’s… but who is logging into syncro? what scripts are run by whom, and when. What accounts are TRYING to log in but failing? etc. All the logging and auditing we need for compliance and security.

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