Audio Attachments

We run a VoIP system in my office and when customer email our helpdesk, they sometimes do so by attaching a voicemail, or our receptionist will dispatch a ticket with the audio attachment - however from Syncro, when clicking on the attachment, nothing plays - almost as if it’s corrupted. But if we open the attachment from within Outlook it works just fine. Does Syncro limit audio file attachments?

What happens when you download the file from Syncro and play it from the downloads folder, outside the browser? As far as I am aware Syncro has a few file times they don’t allow, but nothing to truncate files.

We use 3CX, when we have an audio file emailed to us (which attaches to ticket) it opens and plays fine using the in built player.

Hi @rszablewski, the only rules are what can be saved versus accepted. If the file type saves and is visible in the ticket, then it’s cleared our filters. I am also curious about what happens when you download the file from Syncro?

We use FreePBX and it works just fine.