Assign Ticket and Status Updates

Coming over from Freshdesk and HALO, It would be really helpful that when a new ticket comes in, and an agent replies, the ‘Tech’ is automatically assigned to the tech that has replied.

In addition, when a tech replies to the ticket, the status should also change status to ‘Waiting on Customer’ and the same when a customer replies it changes to ‘Customer reply’ (it might already do this)

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Ticket automations like this would be helpful.

It has been teased that these are the types of features that are in the works.

In the meantime, you can click the little triangle on the right of the Email button and choose what status that you want it to change to.

Customer reply does change the status. You can use the down arrow to set a status, and becomes muscle memory over time, but I get why people would want a default status when sending.