Assign BitDefender Gravityzone Policy to Syncro Policy/Policy Folder

Title says it all I think. I couldn’t see a topic for this specifically when searching so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate, it wouldn’t surprise me given this seems like an obvious feature that should be available with the BitDefender integration.

We manage both business and residential PC’s, the business PC’s are locked down and the residential ones are not. At the moment we have to edit the policies directly from Gravityzone, which is not desirable. Double admin is never fun and prone to human error.

Please do this soon!

We would like to be able to choose the policy that applies to the Syncro policy

This would certainly make sense. In the meantime, if you’re not aware already make sure to make use of policy inheritance in GZ, you can set a policy at root or company level and have them automatically applied to machines that get added. IIRC there might even be an option to have policies applied to assets based on certainly rules, I haven’t played with that feature.