Assets with contracts

So I have noticed when I make a contract It does not allow me to add that asset to the contract. This would help because most of our contracts are about the devices in the system

Can you elaborate on this? If you have a contract with a customer it isn’t for the entire site or sites? It’s on a per-asset basis?

Yes some times we make contracts for sites but some times we work with customers that do a computer by computer basis and It would be nice to see what computers that the contract applies too. Like say they add a computer we can go check see which assets that are covered and which ones that are not to know what to add to contract or make a new contract.

Interesting, I’ve never heard of that’s before. There won’t be a way to do that in Syncro where some assets are covered under contract and some aren’t. There are definitely workarounds I can think of but they might be prone to human error.

Can you give me an example scenario where some assets are covered under contract and others aren’t? I want to be sure I understand the use case before offering a workaround.

Absolutely a lot of our agreements are per device so If we don’t know what devices are covered how will we know what to add.

Say we have a small customer that wants some devices to have full protection a some not or if we offer remote support with splash top or we don’t for some devices. Some people can not afford to have all computers covered.

All I am asking for is where you can add assets on contracts so then you see what is covered just like you add asset to a ticket thats all.

Got it. Thanks for the extra details. The last thing I’d ask for this request is how would you expect to add a new asset to the contract? For example, if a customer added a new asset tomorrow that needs to be under contract, would you expect this to be done at the asset level or would you envision going back to the contract record and adding it there?

We have this situation as well. We don’t do full site contracts. Customers choose from a menu of services/devices that they want covered under contract, and those not chosen to be covered are on a T&M basis.

I would like to see going back to the contract to assign the asset to the contract but also begin able to go to the asset in to add it to a contract (and automatically changing the recurring billing).

Some assets are covered by contract and some are on a T&M basis,
Sometimes assets are on different contract deliverables, pricing or time periods.

We’re the same, but some of how we been dealing with that is prone to human error. For example, we do have a drop down on the assets we choose what service they have. Full, Remote, On Call, None for example.

With it being added to a contract - it would be nice to display that to the end user so in the future they know what devices are handle under X contract and witch are not.

I was thinking just going to the contract and just like you have a invoices section you would just add in assets

Ok got it. Thanks for the additional details!