Asset Tracking System (not necessarily Syncro integrated)

I would like to purchase an asset tracking system and equipment at for one client. It needs to intergrate with customer accounting dept. (not Syncro)
We would like it to:

  1. integrate with QuickBooks
  2. Allow us to print plasticized/durable bar code stickers to place on equipment
  3. allow us to QUICKLY scan equipment, scan a model barcode, scan a S/N barcode, select a “asset location” add an assigned user, and record that info. Speed is the key here, we’re not exactly flush with time for asset management. We’ll need multiple handheld scanners.
  4. We should be able to sticker EVERYTHING in the office from chairs to coffee makers (though we won’t be responsible for any of that).

Could anyone please make a recommendation?

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Minus the quickbooks (may be possible i dont know)