Asset Policy manager

Either I’m going a little crazy or something has changed in the UI (or maybe both are true :slight_smile: ).

When adding a new agent to a PC and therefore into Syncro, the PC sits up the top of the tree in Policy Manager tab.
I am reasonably confident that I used to be able to drag the PC to the appropriate folder.
But now I have to use the Move Asset button and use a lot of mouse clicks to find the right spot and finish the move process.

Did I imagine drag and drop capability or has there been a UI change to remove drag and drop capability.

It’s a bug once you update to the latest Chrome. There is another thread on it somewhere.

Oh…same on Edge then, as I mostly use Edge.
Hopefully Syncro fix it as a QOL update then.

It’s a bug with the newest Chrome 109 update. We are looking into it.

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Thank you for looking into this as drag and drop no longer works in Edge (Latest Version) also.

No problem. For what it’s worth we only officially support Chrome. Since the underlying tech is the same, Edge will usually work across the board, but we have seen variances in the past.

Thanks Andy!


FYI, @Andy @ian.alexander
Here, we only officially support and use Edge, because integration with Office 365 seems to be more efficient and better.
(SSO to Office 365 and other MSAL aware websites with an AzureAD joined PC works without the Edge browser needing to store the Office 365 credientials).

Recently a NetDocuments customer of ours federated their NetDocuments users and tenant with their Azure tenant to get SSO with NetDocuments using their Office 365 credientials.
They used to be a business that encouraged staff to use Chrome. Since federation, they have begun to shift to Edge.
If SyncroMSP ever chooses to invest in providing us the ability to federate our SyncroMSP users and tenant(subdomain) with Azure, please consider officially supporting Edge.

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We’ll always be mindful of trends to be sure. That said, in Dec. 2022 Chrome still had a 65% market share where Edge had just over 4%, and that’s saying a lot considering it’s preinstalled on all new machines.

How much of that 65 % market share is residential users?
There probably isn’t a good way to find out an accurate answer.
In any case, these are not the trends your looking for.

On an AzureAD joined PC, using Edge has SSO technical and security benefits and efficiencies for an MSP compare to Chrome, and if SyncroMSP eventually supports SSO with AzureAD, then officially supporting Edge as well feels to me to be obvious.

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I agree here. I hated having to have Chrome, Firefox, and IE open because one portal supported one while the other worked better in another. When the re-release of Edge occurred, I was able to stay in one browser for more than a year now. I only use Chrome for Proofpoint Essentials because they are the only site I’ve found that only works best in Chrome.

Along with the Microsoft Office integration with Azure that Andrewd mentioned, Edge is a tool more than a trend.

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