Asset: last service date & leveraging this date to sales

My business has started putting ‘Next Service Due’ labels on every laptop, PC and Mac that we work on. Why? The labels have a QR code and date. QR code takes the client to microsite that allows them really easily to request a service date.


It puts our logo in front of the client (some prefer lable affixed to underside - but it’s only 30mmx30mm)

Our micro site and QR code make it so easy for them to book a service

Increase revenue, generate more repeat business at a low marketing cost - they already know us!

Oppourtunity to spend time with client, discussing IT, allows us to market our offerings in a non-marketing manner (do they have other computers, can we fix wifi or LAN issues, can we support other parts of their business etc)

Keep our service engineers on the road during quiet times - fills the diary gaps.

However, the point of this post is that I can’t see a way to tag an asset with a service date, and then for a automated reminder to be sent to the client and a ticket created.

Being able to put a service date against and asset would be a start? Searching or automation would be awesome?

Any thoughts?

What I have done so far…

Added a custom asset field ‘next_service_date’ (date type) which I can manually update by editing the asset.

However, we cannot search on this field. If I create a report/search template - I can include the custom field in the list view however the search is impotent as it returns all assets, but then only a 100, so it does not serve a useful purpose unless I can sort by next_service_date AND see more than 100 lines (or export to CSV).

It would be useful to:

  1. be able to sort on the custom asset field
  2. return more than 100 items
  3. save as a CSV (for oflline processing)

The alternative is to write a API driven script to iterate over all the assets and process the results - but that feels a very heavy and not API friendly way to handle this?

Thanks, D