Asset contact on the asset & policy tab

When a contact calls us we go to the customer, scroll to assets and find the asset linked to the contact(normally this involves also clicking the “X Additional” button which then takes you to a search for all assets). It seems strange that on the Asset/policy tab inside a customer it shows you the policy and asset name but not the contact name. The contact data is already loaded(as it’s on the contact tab) so I would imagine its a quick and easy change. Not sure if there could be a good reason for this.

One day, if they allow the assigning of multiple assets, some of these screens won’t apply. I do however, have a way you can improve your flow by using the Search All The Things. If you have this script run periodically, it will add the contact to a custom asset field and custom asset fields are searchable. This will enable you to search by their name and it will list the asset, it just needs a custom asset field called “contact”.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
Set-Asset-Field -Name "Contact" -Value $contact