Asset Automatically Tagged to a ticket

We link Contacts to each computer for our customers. It is possible to automatically attach that asset to a ticket based on the contact. Right now, a ticket comes in and it is automatically linked to the contact or we link the contact. We would like it to automatically link the asset instead of us having to link it for every ticket.


Would love something like this. Another post on it: Automatic Asset Population in Tickets

There isn’t a way but I know this has come up as a request- would love to see it as well! It would likely go into Ticket Automation. Some users make use of Ticket Status but it depends on the workflow. Ticket boards would be another great request that fits the situation.

IT would just be nice to go to a contact and see the assets associated with that contact. Sometimes searching assests even if the contact is assigned to the assets you can find the asset unless you know it’s name or have renamed it to be the contact name.

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This may be helpful for your situation, but if not consider this a response for others who may read the topic and have a similar question. If they are the assigned contact on the asset, and they submit a ticket from the tray icon using an agent contact form, the asset will be automatically assigned on the ticket. It will only attach the asset they sent the request from though, not all assets they are assigned to.

Then if you have the contact name and want to see all assets they are assigned to, the main search will pull that up. ‘no email customer’ is my contact, and these two assets they are the assigned contact on.

The Search All The Things does not actually search contact assigned to asset. This is a feature request I put in a while back, seems like an easy one that should have been implemented a while back. I created this script that I scheduled to run frequently that sets a custom asset field to the contact, and that is searchable.

Searching the contact on the actual ticket pulls up the asset for me, so that works really well IMO, it’s just the Search All The Things that’s broken.

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Oh yep, you’re right. My contact shared the same naming as my company.

Seems like such an easy fix. The system can search infinite amount of custom fields, but can’t search the contact_name field.

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Just so frustrating. Should be a simple thing.

This would create a real problem for companies that have contacts with multiple assets, or assets without contacts assigned. Searching contacts is very easy to do when creating the ticket. Or better yet, create the ticket from the asset.