Asset Activity - Remote Session Started Report

Have a few questions about the Asset Activity - Remote Session Started report.

  1. Is this logging Remote Backgrounding Tools, Splashtop, or both?
  2. Is there a way for it to display the technician that started the session?
  3. Is there a way for it to display the end time?

It does log both Backgrounding Tools and Splashtop and lists the connecting user. For Splashtop it displays the duration but for Backgrounding Tools it does not. Here’s what that looks like.

Alexandra, that is the activity view on the asset. I’m talking about getting a report from the reports menu. When I run it from the report menu, there is no technician name. This is very basic information that should be on the report. Is there some box I’m not clicking correctly or is that info not available in the report?

That’d be a screenshot from the Asset Activity report. The name is listed in the activity but it’s not it’s own column. “Alexandra Global Admin” is my user.

I see your report is also formatted the same in your system, are you seeing something different?

I was using the Activity Type filter on the report settings and selecting Remote Session Started. When doing that it doesn’t show the username, and actually I think that only shows remote backgrounding remote sessions. I’ll just use the full report and export to CSV so I can filter in Excel.