Ask Andy - Why Fixed Pricing Plans Are A Losing Strategy

Hey everyone!

So the first article of our new Ask Andy series is live. I had this article prewritten so I had some initial content to post while we are getting the Q&A machine into full swing. This question is something I get asked multiple times daily by Syncro partners and that is:

What’s the most profitable way to structure my pricing and packaging?

Here’s my full answer to that question. I’ll be available here in our Community Forums to discuss this further for those that may be interested in diving deeper into the topic.

Thanks, this is really good. Even if you might not agree, it’s worth thinking about his reasons and pondering.

I’m going to take some of this to heart:

“ Always know the true value of what you’re selling and never sell yourself short. Never. The opportunities we’re talking about now simply don’t exist in a fixed-pricing model.

If you aren’t sure what you’re truly worth, the answer is quite simple. I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before: Your worth is whatever someone is willing to pay for your service. This story is a testament to the validity of that statement.”

I’m coming to find that billing by the hour (we do many via monthly retainers) just can’t fully account for the value that we bring. It just doesn’t account for availability or proactivity/preventing problems.

Thanks for the thoughts and inspiration as we roll out new pricing for 2023.

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