Are all my outbound emails supposed to go via SMTP?

I recently configured custom SMTP via Sendinblue, my test emails are working, my tickets emails are working and are getting delivered to my inbox folder, however, estimates and tickets notifications to my techs are getting delivered in spam, upon checking (I am a tech :slight_smile: ) i noticed that those emails are being sent out from Syncro email system

, not via my SMTP server, is that the expected behavior?

Hi @moshe1,

Welcome to the communtiy! From what I have learned this far, this is expected behavior. If there is any reason that the SMTP server goes down, we want to assure you that you and your team are still being notified of all updates.

This affects all SyncroMSP system emails that use their Sendgrid account. Syncro uses your domain in the RFC 2822 From header while using their own domain in the RFC 2821 from header, aka the return-path. They DKIM sign with a key for, but without alignment between the RFC 2822 From domain and your domain in the RFC 2822 From this signature is useless per DMARC requirements.

That means these messages will always trip spoofing detection rules, and if your domain uses a strong DMARC policy (like mine does), there is no way to prevent the messages from being quarantined that doesn’t weaken your security posture toward spoofing attacks.

I reported it over a year ago and it has gained no traction, despite being given target dates on when it would be resolved.


Except no one will be informed by those Sengrid emails, since the way Syncro has their mail system configured insures that all mail sent will be flagged as spoofed!


Thanks for your reply, if it cannot use my SMTP, it should use a from address, as others point out they are all going to spam.
Any workaround?


This has been the correct solution all along.

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@link Ahh, I see the larger picture here. Will dive deeper to learn more about this with my mentor. @moshe1 looking at work arounds as well.


@canden.hicks You or other Syncro staff are welcome to contact me outside of the forum if it might help reach a viable resolution to this long standing issue.

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Can I still use it along with my SMTP server? my understanding was that you cant.

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Can you still use what along with your SMTP server?

Only certain emails sent from SyncroMSP are sent using your SMTP. Others are sent using Syncro’s ESP (Email Service Provider), currently Twilio Sendgrid.

I believe the differentiation is whether the email is going to your staff or your clients, with your staff being emailed via Syncro’s ESP and your client facing email using your SMTP. SyncroMSP should be able to confirm this.

Supposed, Yes They should
Do they, in reality no. Syncro have implemented SMTP in a half baked way, its called “beta” so they can get away with this, but I mean how long should something as basic as SMTP be in beta?

We regularly experience issues with delivery of all staff based emails so much so we don’t get notifications often. I can’t vouch for the rest but suspect they are blocked by our filter.

We do use strict DMARC/SPF and DKIM and due to Syncro’s half baked way of doing it - it doesn’t work correctly. We also cannot (due to policy) whitelist the IP for Syncro @ sendgrid. (which is Syncro’s suggestion, rather than fixing the issue)

Also worth mentioning, Sendgrid do offer the capability of authenticating the domain which does a custom DKIM from memory… but this is something Syncro Claim they have no access to (what they mean I think is they can’t be bothered to setup for all clients, I have never seen a Sendgrid account without the feature)

So the implementation of Sendgrid is half baked and the integration of an alternative relay is half baked…well and they use Sendgrid which seems to have the worst delivery reputation I have ever historically used for emails so a good amount of people are going to have a desire to use their own relay!


I’ll assume this said “any updates on this,” and then ‘they’ had you silenced. /s

Yeah this is annoying, the emails also land in my Junk mail folder as well. Any ticket replies that come in I am notified of, and that lands in Junk Mail.
In that email the header is via - it would be nice if we can have the option to solely let ALL of our comms to clients to go out via our own specified SMTP rather than have Syncros. It would be nice if we could set our own SMTP and decide how we want to use it.

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I sumbitted tickets detailing this problem and how to fix it over a year ago. For reasons that only Syncro knows, fixing it isn’t a priority. Living with it or developing your own workaround appears to be the only option until that changes.

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How would one work around it?

Been with Syncro less than week and clients are already complaining they arent seeing tickets.