Archiving Customers and Webroot

Does anyone know if when we archive a customer record it will remove the customer from the Webroot console? I just tested it and am hoping it will remove it after some time.

If not, I guess this will be a feature request?

If the asset is still there, and the agent is still on the asset then it likely wouldn’t remove Webroot. Is the asset still appearing in the Webroot Console?

I asked about a customer record, not an asset.

There are no assets on the customer record that have webroot. I removed all assets from the customer and if I archive the customer, the site in webroot is still active.

It should remove the site from the webroot console of a customer is archived.

Yes sorry, customer! My brain goes straight to assets when talking about MAV. So to clarify, it sounds like the assets were removed as expected, but it kind of orphans the company in the Webroot console, and you’d like archiving the customer in Syncro to also remove it from the Webroot console if that’s correct?

Yes, exactly. I wanted to know if this was how it was supposed to work, and if not, it should.

Got it! Syncro doesn’t touch the company record in Webroot by design, removing data is always an area where extra care has to be taken. Archiving would be an interesting way to do it though if it’s possible.

What happens if I delete the company from Syncro? Will it delete the site from webroot and deactivate the key?

If you delete the company in Syncro it should still retain it in Webroot, removing these from Webroot would be a manual step.