App Crash Trigger Alert

I was curious if anyone uses the App Crash Trigger alert and if they do, how are they handling remediation (if at all)?

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Apps crash all the time. So activity monitoring for all app crashes in a bit pointless. When going into it - you will need to focus on the apps that make sense to monitor for and from there do whatever you need to do with that information - either it be starting the app or whatever.

We wrote a script and setup an automated remediation that pulls the information for what app that crashed. It also pulls how many times it crashed in the last 14 days. The script closes the generic app crash alert and opens a more specific one for the app if it crashed over our threshold number. I’ve also built a powerbi that shows all the app crashes processes in a total per computer number so we can see if there are a ton of one specific app crash that is happening over multiple computers and clients.

Thanks for the response Matthew. Yea, I wish Syncro had better reporting to do what you have done. I’ve got something similar on my wish list to build but just haven’t done it yet.

I came here to ask this question. Does anyone use App Crash notification ??