Anyone Using Password Vault?

Here’s a link to the Password Vault Password Vault – SyncroMSP

Just wondering if anyone has any lived experience using it? We are thinking about implementing it.


We enabled it, but don’t use it. Syncro does not have versioning, so keep that in mind. If something is important to you, without versioning, you could lose it one day. Secondly, you have to put that phrase in each time you want to view a field. Secure, but also a pain. Third, if you lose your passphrase, tough, nothing no one can do about it and the integration is permanent. I know you can’t write to it with a script but can’t recall if you can read from it.

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Thanks for the feedback Jimmie.
We use ITGlue extensively but we’ve been floating the idea of using Password Vault for some of our ‘less important’ credentials and keeping ITGlue for the critical stuff.

I attempted to use it once and hated it. I am using Hudu. It has been very nice.