Any VoIP integrations any good?

We are wanting to move to a new VoIP provider. Are there any companies that integrate well with Syncro? Do any have a killer feature? I see some companies on the list, but are they worth it?

Hello Brian,

From the customers I’ve talked to, it seems that FreePBX is the way to go if you are comfortable setting things up yourself. We have an integration with FreePBX, which also works with other phone providers. You can find the FreePBX article here: FreePBX / PBX Integrations

Aside from that, I’ve seen a few MSPs in Syncro using RingCentral.

OITVoIP has an integration for the same feature. We also were using a single license of Zoiper on our server for a simple API call when calls came in. Of course, you need at least one of your lines to always ring for any queue, if you use queues.

I know I’m a tad late to this thread, but we have been trying this out, and it does not pass through the caller ID as provided by the phone provider if it is not a syncro contact. It instead just passes “Unknown” to FreePBX. This means we can’t reference callerID for new numbers to have an idea who is calling. Though we would be much more onboard with using it if anyone has found a workaround for it.

We worked with OITVoIP to integrate it. It works great now.

What specific features do you have with OITVoIP integrating with Syncro?

Well, nothing special. Just the webhook to allow a pop-up in Syncro when the customer calls to allow us to go directly to their ticket or their customer profile. Everything shown under " How it looks in Syncro" on this page. All seems to work perfectly.

Has anyone gotten this to work with 3cx? I just became a partner for it so I want to see if I can get it to work.

Sam James posted an XML for config in 3cx to integrate with Syncro in the facebook group

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I got it, but no idea how to use it.

Hey Ben

If you login to your 3CX admin portal and go to settings you will find a CRM button
Import the XML there

Thank you. Minor tweak but while the test in 3cx didn’t work, it does appear to work in Syncro! Thanks guys!