Antivirus Report (non managed)


How do you guys deal with getting a list of what AV is running on each machines? I know can do per asset but ideally need a report listing this to review.


From an MSP standpoint, I don’t think there should be a large discrepancy, as I fully believe a customer who is entrusting you to support their IT environment should be going with your recommended tools/offerings.

However, with that said, you can do an Asset Audit report and select the columns you want to see on the report. You probably will need to create a custom field, and then run a PowerShell script to grab the AV that’s registered on the system and pipe the Display Name to that custom field.

(Get-CimInstance -Namespace root/SecurityCenter2 -ClassName AntivirusProduct).DisplayName

I would echo the above, standardize, standardize, standardize. There are two antivirus scripts in the library that might help.

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I appreciate the feedback but this was available in my previous RMM solution, finding the reporting features lacking. Each asset shows you the AV installed, can’t understand why we should then need to resort to custom fields then scripting. Surely this is duplicating work when Syncro could easily make the AV field available for a custom search or asset detail report.


Agreed 100%. But unfortunately there is a big difference in some areas around what Syncro SHOULD do and what is available to us right now.

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Yeah, true. But this type of visibility/reporting is huge during the new customer onboarding process. Our previous RMM reported on this natively. Being able to do this in Syncro is important to us. Hopefully this is on their roadmap.