Anti-Phishing | Anti-Ransomware

Can anyone recommend who to use for Anti-Phishing for email and Ransomware prevention?


Proofpoint has been great for us for email security. SentinelOne is what we use for computer security, but it has a bit of a curve to setup and make sure it doesn’t impact LOB apps. DNSFilter for web protection. There are other things you can stack on like AutoElevate and ThreatLocker.

Thanks for the information. I’ve used SentinelOne in the past through SolarWinds…I don’t know if I want to use them again.

We use Inky and like it a lot.

Has anyone looked at or used Microsoft Defender for O365?

Thanks BrianMorris, I will check it out.

We have used Proofpoint but are currently investigating Hornet Security to compare. They seem to have a much smoother onboarding process with a single click to authenticate everything that is usually done manually with Proofpoint when onboarding a client.

I’m using untangle NG Firewall and for backups, I’m using N-central Backups. I’m thinking to switch the backups to Veeam / Wasabi. Better price.

We use Avanan with O365. They have been awesome, and reviews seem to be better than Proofpoint which I like as well. CheckPoint recently purchased Avanan and they will continue integration with their security.
Our security stack:
Trend Micro Worry Free Business security services
Huntress MDR
Cisco Umbrella DNS Security
Acronis Cyber Protect for Backup with built in Anti-Ransomware protection
Avanan for Email Security and it ties into all of the O365 products. Works with Google Workspace too.