"An error occurred while sending the request" on Agent EXE installation

I am trying to deploy the Syncro exe based installer to a remote client running a fully patched Windows 10 20H2 with full Internet access and no obvious firewall restrictions as they work from home. The client has successfully downloaded the EXE and can execute it. It hangs for a moment before popping up with the error:

“An error occurred while sending the request” and closes immediately with no other logs that I can find.


No other details are present. This user is remote so I have to schedule remote access to their system to troubleshoot. I’m uncertain what to look for. I found this post:

Which talks about some root certificate issues on the machine that the user was able to resolve but no details as to what exactly they did.

Can anyone provide any guidance on what I might look for to troubleshoot why the Syncro Agent fails to install on this machine?

Hi rvance, I’d be happy to provide some troubleshooting steps.

Generally this is a communication error. When checking the install logs you’ll often see “The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.” Logs for the installer are located on the asset under C:\ProgramData\Syncro\logs

Things to check…
• Is this being installed on a supported OS?
• Is .NET 4.6.2 or higher installed and updated?
Configure the whitelist
• Ensure you’re using a new installer, if you’re installing from a file you’ve downloaded some time ago, download a fresh one by clicking ‘Add Asset’ from the Asset page.
• Attempt installing in another way, if you were using the EXE try the MSI and if the MSI, try the EXE.

If you need to do a fresh reinstall, an uninstallation tool can be found at the bottom of this page- you will need to reboot after uninstalling.

We managed to solve the issue on the server. There were cert errors in the event log that led to fixing the issue with registry permissions around certs. From the affected machine try going to https://.syncromsp.com and see if it loads with no issues. On the server we had cert issues which backed up the event logs. I would suggest checking the event log and trying to browse to your syncro instance to see if it loads ok, on top of what else has been suggested.

Thanks for reporting in Jon, I’ve added certs/registry permissions to the list. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the help. I was able to confirm that rmm.syncromsp.com was loading an expired root certificate.


I updated the Let’s Encrypt root certificates as described below and the Syncro installer worked as expected:

Thanks for the help.

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