Allow WOL from Assets & RMM View (WOL multiple assets)

For after hours work we often need to wake dozens of PCs at a site - being able to do this from the Assets & RMM list, specifically using the checkboxes to select multiple PC’s to Wake, would be a time saver - currently we need to do this from another tool (ScreenConnect)


I would love to see this option. It also helps for patching, maintenance, and enabling employees to WFH.

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It would also be nice to see this on the customer portal, so they can wake their own device if it is offline, for Work From Home scenarios.

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+1 for this feature. Quiet frequently there is a need to bulk wake assets for maintenance.

Worried this will scroll off as this post/thread is to be “closed” in a few days… much needed feature for us! I’ve emailed HELP@ many times over the years and they say “Request it online” so I expect it’s not close to being considered yet.

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