Allow Scripts to be signed

I know I have asked for this before, and there have been other discussions, but I cannot find this here so I’m posting it now.

As applications whitelisting is becoming more and more popular, we need the ability to be able to sign our scripts when we upload them so that they work even if Powershell is set to All Signed, and even with application whitelisting as long as the whitelisting solution trusts our signature. The number one requirement for this is that Syncro does not modify scripts in any way, so the powershell variables would need to be pre-loaded into the run space via the agent before the script was triggered. Ideally in such a way that we don’t have to whitelist some random file from Syncro as a stub file.

Bonus points if Syncro could be optionally configured to prevent scheduling any scripts to run that were not signed.


Agreed this would be nice whitelisting syncro scripts can be a pain.