Allow NON-CURRENCY Payment Methods for ACCOUNTING REPORTS to stay Calculated

We want to track how much work is “paid for” with payment methods like “CONTRACT COVERED” and “BAD DEBT/LOSS”, etc. This way we can run a report and see how much value we forfeited in specific scenarios. The current lack of Discount Codes & Report prevent us from using that method.

In either case of [not charging billable time, when service is contract covered] or [client doesn’t pay; debt is sold, or partially/entirely written off] - there are cases where we need to mark invoices as “paid”, without simply “discounting”, as it’s a non-monetary “payment” of record.

Right now, using these payment methods get reported as financial income, even though we’re not actually getting paid with currency. It throws off accounting reports and is very frustrating. The way to fix this would be simply adding a checkbox next to payment methods to “set as non-currency income”. Then, payments made with those tagged payment methods would not reflect as income.

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