Allow customized commission and spiffs per product

I was advised by support that this is a feature request, which I’m a bit baffled on…

I’d like a way to track different commission/spiff rates per product. For example…We’d like to pay 10% on project type labor, 5% on residential labor, and $4 for each antivirus sold. I would assume by looking at the current options on each product, that could already be accomplished by using “Spiffs or Commissions” shown in the screenshot below.

However it seems like there is no way to surface that information. At best we can pull a commission report (which is essentially a sales tracking sheet that performs a quick calculation against the percentage you enter before running the report). This applies that one percentage rate indiscriminately across all products (unless you filter by category).

In my use case scenario, I would have to run 3 separate reports and add the totals up to come up with a total commission check.

It seems to me the “Spiffs or Commissions” entry in Products literally does nothing…I’m requesting we make it meaningful.