Allow admin login (my staff) to Customer Online Profile

It would be great to be able to log into and view a Customer Online Profile. Sometimes customers like to call in and give their credit card information over the phone to be stored, and I cannot do that when they have a user/password set up for their Online Profile. It’s also nice sometimes to just be able to “see what they see” to help assist with any issues or Portal usage.

I would imagine this might be something that should have a special permission so that only the MSP owner/finance users can view, and not all technicians.

I love this idea.

You should be able to update their credit card information completely outside of the customer portal. Just go into their customer record and you managed those in the “Stored Payment Profile” section.

You’re blowing my mind right now Andy… amazing! hahah

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I can see how this would be absurdly annoying if you didn’t know about that lol :). Glad you got sorted on this one.

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