Allow 3rd party help to program the website

Hello! Another one:)

This is a strange request, but hopefully can help in the long run. I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to open your code up for 3rd additions / help in programming your amazing tool for the whole community:) There are many feature request I know many people would love to see and or expand on, but can’t due to either time restraints, needs, or whatever else. On the other hand, I know some features request are not required by others or don’t really have want for them. For example, I am in the need of page building so we can produce pages with our custom variables for easier information displaying and gathering:)

While others wouldn’t need that feature, can simply ignore it and focus on other things. It would be awesome sometime in the future if we could supply additional “features” from the community instead much like how we have the script community section:) This way people that have the same ideas/needs can build out for that section and perform the needed upkeep for that feature.

This also keeps the work that your dev team has to perform in terms of keeping up with feature requests and also keeps their cost down. Granted, I know they will have to double check all code that gets approved adding a little bit of work . Hopefully though, that doesnt cost as much as producing the code though in the first place.