Alerts companies of old assets?

Anyone found a nice way to notify clients that one of their pcs is getting old? I know there is a report but that would require us to check the the report every month, look up the decision maker of that company and email them and keep track of who I emailed. Thanks

You could in theory create your own definition of an outdated asset, though it can be complex because Windows install dates can be overridden with new versions, MOBO bios can be updated, etc. Assuming you had a method you were happy with, you could script that and if detected, throw a custom RMM Alert. The custom alert could get picked up through our Automated Remediation system, and then this could fire off your notification(s).

I would add that from a business perspective, I would highly advise against automating this. Every customer you have is different, meaning sending a stock notification drastically reduces your chances of closing one of those deals because you are losing the sales-based nuance inherent within a sales campaign like this one. Another way to say this is that customizing every message you send with personalized data about the customer, using your history with them as a guide, you will significantly increase your success rates. If all it takes is looking at an automated report for an hour a month that was potentially full of new revenue opportunities, I’d wake up that same day each month faster than I did on Christmas morning as a kid.

Thanks Andy,

My plan was to have a script run once a month, check the bios release date (hence my other post) and if it is over 4 years AND a field on the assset called “last bios check date” is more than 6 months , create a ticket for me to send a potentional email. It would also write to the field on the asset “last bios check date” upating the new date. This way I only get a ticket if the bios is over 4 years old and I have not “bugged” them in 6 month (to keep track of who I emailed). I was also thinking this could be done in the executive reports but I don’t see a module to show how old the bios is?

This method would work. For doing it in the exec summary reports, I’d probably use a different custom field like “Outdated Asset” as a checkbox or something and have your script set that field as well when an outdated asset is detected. Then you could use the exec summary report to make a “List Block” detailing assets from that saved asset search, and you could include whatever custom columns you wanted there.