Alerts being falsely triggered or not being triggered at all

We have been having an issue with some assets triggering offline alerts despite being online. The alerts that are generated do not follow the asset’s assigned policy, which defines that an alert is not to be triggered unless an asset is offline for a specified number of minutes. There does not seem to be any consistency with those alerts. Some assets do it often, others don’t, some have stopped alerting completely, etc.

We are also having an issue with multiple assets that are offline not triggering an alert at all. We had a device report as offline since 9/30 and discovered it weeks later since the alert never triggered. This is very concerning as we have clients for which we are obligated to respond in a certain period of time in the event that certain devices are offline or have any issues.

I have been told that this is a “bug” but was provided no ETA on a resolution. This has been an issue since around July of this year.

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