Alert when service is down

hello, i want to recieve alert when a service is down, how can i do it?

Subscribe to alerts on this page

If you mean get an RMM Alert when a Windows Service is down, you’d make a Service Monitor and then apply that to an asset policy. It would look something like this:

You can have it start the service too if you’d like, or just alert if it’s down for some reason.

where or hoe i get to this screen?

Go to the policies tab and there is a dropdown in the top right that will show you various sub policy items. Process and Services will be one of those. There you can create a new set of process and service monitors, and once created, you can add the monitor to any asset policies by going to the asset policy’s Monitors section, adding the Process and Services monitor, and add your monitors to the policy here.

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found it, thank you very much

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