Alert levels - Critical, Moderate, Informational

We would like to be able to have different levels of alerts.
USE: We want to be alerted via the Syncro mobile app / SMS etc if a critical alert is created, such as a server going offline, even at 3am. But we don’t want to know when someone’s desktop is running at high RAM usage at 3am. We do want to know about it, but it can wait till we are back in the office again.

If when we create a policy we had an option to tell Syncro whether this alert is Critical, Moderate or low, and then in the notifications center have these lines (RMM Alert - Critical was created, RMM Alert - Moderate was created, RMM Alert - Informational was created), we can assign different alerting methods to different alerts. e.g. HDD space on a laptop being low would be informational, we can address it at our leisure. Low HDD space on a server is moderate, we should get informed via email and Teams but not the mobile push notification. A server down would be critical and would trigger all the alerts.

WHY: Because we are getting alerts regarding unimportant things, and our techs will get complacent and eventually not bother to check the Syncro app to find out what alert was created.

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There are ways to do this now, but in a different way. Each alert is assigned a category, or check type. An alert will sit in alerts unless you setup Autoremediation on it. It’s in AR that you can tell what action to take. For example, RAM/CPU monitor, we have alerts, but we manually review and clear. Offline servers, we have it fire off to Teams as soon as it’s detected, and queues up a script to send to Teams when it’s back online. The RMM Alerts in the notification center will give you a lot of noise, we prefer the AR method because of the flexibility to customize it the way we want.

Greetings Jimmie, Im curious to find out more about offline server alerts with your setup. We already have new tickets go into queues in Teams, but Im having trouble finding any documentation about notifications for Servers going offline. Thank you in advance for any followup!


I just have the offline alert enabled in the policy. Then an Auto Remediation to catch it.

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