Agents show offline when not

I just got a couple server offline alerts, they show offline in the dashboard, yet I can splashtop into them. Imagine how silly I felt the first time when I called an on-site tech and said - Hey all VMs went offline, you rebooting something?


We’re seeing this as well, across multiple sites, and not all servers at the sites.

Nothing in the app logs to show the service crashing/restarting at all & the alerts clear themselves up normally within around 10 minutes or so.

EDIT: Looks like on some of the servers (but not all) they have reported the service crashing, with the below erorr

Application: Syncro.Service.exe
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.FormatException

Same here, offline alerts spanning many customers over many geographical regions. Our threshold is set to alert at 15 minutes of a server being down and they usually auto-clear right away. The server never actually went down nor did it experience any network interruptions. Something is going on in Syncroland.

I’ve had a ticket open about this for a couple of months now. It’s very sporadic and at one point, it was doing it quite often to me, then it went away. I haven’t really seen it much lately, but they told me it was a web UI glitch. I wasn’t actually getting offline alerts being generated though, mine were just appearing offline in the web interface, but never really were.

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I’m getting SMS alerts.

I have several clients with workstations that are showing offline but I can still connect via Splashtop but NOT VIA Syncro Remote Tool. This is a real pain.Please advise

We’ve also seen this, sometimes a reboot solves the issue. Sometime I can go into the background tools and restart the Syncro service and it will work. I have had to uninstall and reinstall a few times as well to resolve this issue.

Anyone else happen to have a resolution for this? I’ve got one agent that’s stuck as showing offline. Have tried rebooting, restarting the services, and reinstalled the agent. Still showing as offline, but I can still run backgrounding tools, see status, etc. All services running

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same here I opened a ticket but nothing yet.

My case was an issue with tls 1.2. I had certain algorithms disabled and had to enable them for it to work. I can find details when I’m back at my desk