Agent won't deploy

Tried using a script (from another RMM) - said it was successful, but Agent was not installed. Remoted into target machine, downloaded agent installer and ran. Got this:
“Error trying to create device. Please contact support for assistance”
Tried contacting support, but they are busy.

So, here I wait, broken-hearted…

Anyone ever see and resolve this? Not much to go on, is there?

Go here, scroll to the bottom and run the uninstaller. Make sure there’s no reference in Syncro from the agent, and then reinstall.

Still have this issue after running unistaller. Windows 7Pro

Did you try right-click, run as administrator?

Windows 7 doesn’t come with a new enough version of .net, make sure you’ve got 4.6.2 or newer (I’d just download 4.8)