Agent offline automated remediation

Hi guys,

I have a client who is paying a small fee just to receive alerts for their servers. I was able to create the auto. remediation to alert them when a server is offline, but they would also like to know when it comes back online as well (similar to the one Syncro provides out of the box).

Does anyone know how I can enable the alert to send an email to a custom email address when the alert auto-resolves?

Here are the triggers that are currently in place, however I don’t see an option for clearing and auto-resolving the alert:

Thank you

You can configure your own online alert through scripting and automated remediation.

What you want to do is create an automated remediation that looks for the “agent_offline_trigger” as a trigger category condition. (As you have already)

Then, as an action on the automated remediation, you want to run a script that generates an alert. You can use our scripting module to create an alert called “online” for example.

Then, when the device turns off, the offline RMM alert will trigger the automated remediation to run. Since the device is offline, the script to generate the online alert will be queued to run once the device comes back online.

Thank you! I will give this solution a shot.

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