Agent offline alerts

Hi all,

Is anyone experiencing issues with offline alerts not firing off for Windows devices?

We are struggling with this issue and are noticing random devices being offline without any notice.

It couldn’t be any more embarrassing when a client phones in to ask what is going on and we have no clue about the their services being down.

I submitted a ticket to support and they requested logs from ProgramData but haven’t heard back since and can’t get a hold of them now.

We are every aggravated with Syncro support at this point and their ignorance of P1 issues.

Yes, it’s very random. Some systems will alert right away, some never. Same policy too. I don’t understand why this keeps coming up, but really wish they’d find the underlying cause. Feel like they should be able to integrate some checks/validation into the system to see it happening for themselves.


We had quite a large case on this going which was recently resolved, but it looks like the issue lingers a bit still. Support doesn’t have a full window into the dev process, but I do believe they know what they need to do to tackle it fully. I was able to locate your ticket and we’ll keep working with you.

We also have an active case tracking new reports since the last fix, so anyone else that runs into this can be added there should they also encounter it.

This is great to hear back and get an update… finally. I still haven’t officially seen a reply back from support on my ticket. Is the support team India based? The few updates I received were at very odd hours in the night (2-3am ET) and then silence until the following night until around the same time.

Can we get some insight from dev where they are at with the fix for this issue? Myself and others have been waiting for a fix for a while. This goes back to the Facebook group where you can still find this issue discussed and brought up by many.

Sounds like this part of Syncro needs to be analyzed, scrutinized, and rewritten. This issue has plagued the platform for as long as I can remember. You get it fixed, then something else breaks it and the cycle continues because the underlying cause has never been fixed. This was mentioned in the fireside chat, so I’m hoping it’s a bigger priority this year. So many things rely on this part of the system, and a lot more can be added to the system that could utilize it. I could understand more if it was an actual connection issue, such as over alerting because it’s too sensitive and the agent is dropping connection continuously, but that’s not the case. We can clearly see agents are offline in Syncro, but the monitoring tab says everything is A-OK, which means it’s not an agent/environmental issue. It shouldn’t be taking years to fix this kind of issue with having less variables than other potential issues. Agent offline and time offline > set trigger time and time not less than rearm time, create alert, in theory, it’s not that complex.

We’re in a few locations worldwide and expanding. We don’t have a team in India however. If you’d like to work with someone closer to your timezone you can request that and we’ll get it set up! I know that’s preferable for some. We loosely filter timezones as tickets come in but it can depend on what the workloads look like.

Right there with ya! It’s an important feature that needs to function correctly. They’ve put in a lot of work so far, I believe this will continue to be a focus.