Agent not showing up in Full Disk Permissions to let me to allow it

I was able to give Syncro and Splashtop all the permissions needed except Full Disk Access. Syncro does not show up in this window as an option.


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I upgraded this Mac from 10.14 to Monterey. Now I have the ability to give Syncro Full Disk Access. However, Syncro doesn’t see it. Syncro is telling me it still needs Full Disk Permissions even though that’s been set. I’ve reinstalled Syncro over the top. Didn’t help. Rebooted several times. Didn’t help.
This setting is also blocking Splashtop.

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Seeing the same issue on a Big Sur, machine.

Anyone got an update on this? Where is the file that i could add manually to allow full disk access? Anyone know? Thanks

We don’t currently have any known issues with permissions for the Mac agent, the last of those fixes were rolled out last week. The only addition to that would be that on 10.14 Apple handled permissions slightly differently, so you’d need to manually add the Full Disk and Screen Recording permissions. The apps paths you’d want to reference there are:

Syncro Agent

/Library/Application Support/SyncroMSP/

Splashtop Agent


If you are still seeing permissions issues then please open a ticket with support. Thanks.