Agent not installing for China-based client

Hi all,

Is anyone experiencing this issue for their Chinese clients? I have a client site on which I’ve tried to deploy Syncro and it fails right away as soon as I click the exe to install the agent. The error message is connectivity related.

The site has a public static subnet. Can this be whitelisted on Syncro’s end if it’s restricted due to security concerns?

At this point, I believe this to be a Syncro issue since the firewall permits all inbound established packets.

Thank you

Check that you’re able to reach all the syncro domains Syncro Exceptions and Allowlists

Thanks, I will give this a shot. There are some wildcard domains in there… what’s the best way to test those? For example, * only responds to the domains falling under the wildcard, as nothing comes up for

Looks like is one, dunno otherwise other than checking logs for blockages

Hi @cdan, do you mind raising a ticket and submitting a bug report? I think this is worth support having a closer look.