Agent installs (maybe?), but does not sync

Have one endpoint that I cannot get the agent installed.

I run the (customized .exe) installer and don’t get any error messages, but also don’t get the green “installation successful” message.

The endpoint shows up in the customer assets list, but states “This Asset is new and has not completed its “First Sync”. Check back in 1-5 minutes to see all the beautiful details!”. All that’s available in the System Info tab is “Friendly Name” and “WAN IP Address”

I’ve tried uninstalling, deleting the asset from Syncro, and reinstalling several times. I tried to force sync, but no joy.

Newer HP laptop running Windows 10. They’re about 30minutes away, and I don’t expect to be able to put hands on the hardware until next week.

Could try MSI, but sounds more like a communications issue to me. Hardware or software firewall/DNS filter blocking part of Syncro’s traffic. Syncro Exceptions and Allowlists You can use Windows Quick Assist to get a remote connection and troubleshoot

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Her firewalls should be bone stock. I was originally thinking it was a double-NAT problem since there’s two routers in the network (Satellite ISP’s router in the house, wired to the WAN port of an older 802.11n router in the office), but one of my troubleshooting steps was to connect her laptop directly to the internet through my phone’s hotspot.

You can try the uninstaller script and reboot/reinstall Install a Syncro Agent on a Device, but I’m not real hopeful that will help. Is HP Wolf on the machine? I always nuke that, not sure if it actually causes issues or not. Of course any Norton/McAfee security suites can cause issues with connectivity also, even if they say they’re not blocking anything or are disabled. Check the services are running, check event log for errors that might be related.

I can confirm that HP Wolf does not prevent the syncro installer from completing successfully.