Agent installs but not showing up in assets

First time I’m installed since nested policies was enabled so created a new installer. It installed fine on the windows server but is not showing up in the list of assets?

Update - it showed up after 1.5 hours.

It’s very possibly related to the current AWS outages. There are also issues with adjusting policies and scheduling scripts at the moment.

Make sure there wasn’t an incorrect client selected by accident when generating the installer. Also make sure the new asset approval isn’t turned on.

If you turn on the “Require Asset Approval” feature you will always know where to find the newly installed assets. The “Auto-Approve Assets From Known IPs” is also very handy. I use both.

If that was the case would have still showed up when I searched the asset name.

I’m having the same problem. I can’t see new assets.

I’ve added several the past few days, so sounds like it may be account specific. Probably need to contact support.

I realize this is “old” thread now… but I have added lots of assets without any issues as well. Hope the OP contacts support and posts some sort of resolution or close this topic since it’s not a “syncro” wide issue.

This was related to an AWS outage.