Advice on security stack for a client

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I am currently looking for a security solution for one of my clients. Current they are on Sophos stack i.e FW and end point protection. The renewal is due in couple of months and I am looking for other options.

Personally give the size of the business (4 PCs shared between 10 employees) I am thinking of having OPNSense as FW with DNS filtering, endpoint protection (sophos, bit defender etc…) and email security.

I will appreciate any advice on the products to make up security solution for the client. I am based in Brisbane, Australia.


We are leaning towards now offering M365 Business Premium to all our clients because it includes
Conditional Access policies (provided by AAD Premium P1)
Extra MFA device support.
Defender for O365
Defender for Endpoint
Intune Mobile Device Management (with App locker, Device Locker and Auto Pilot, Website content/category filtering)

Still need an RMM like Syncro or others, because Intune is not an RMM.
I used to feel that trying to cover all the above with a collection of vendors was the way to go, and I’m now reconsidering that approach.

I highly recommend Huntress in addition to whatever endpoint you go with. However, you can use Huntress in conjunction with Windows Defender and centrally manage it through Huntress which also has the perk of any detections within Defender are also immediately investigated by Huntress as well, versus if you have some other endpoint.

Windows Defender as in that comes with Windows or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 or 2.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I will add huntress to the research list.

If your trying to figure out which security features are in each of the Microsoft 365 plans then this website is great at visualizing all the plans.
Feature Matrix | M365 Maps

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You could use either one. Huntress does work nicely with the free defender included with windows as well. +1 for huntress