Adjust Hard Drive alert threshold missing

The adjust thresholds button for HDD space alerts is totally missing for us.

Checked incognito and disabled adblockers to be sure.

Anyone else missing the adjust button per the knowledgebase article?


I believe this went away with PI. I haven’t seen any individual overrides since. You may need to create a nested folder, a matching policy and apply it to that folder and move the asset to the folder. An alternative is to create the policy and apply it directly to the asset.

I came here searching for this. Is this for sure something that changed with PI?

All of my assets show the same thing, but I can’t make any adjustments to the monitor.

So I have to create a new policy and folder just for this one machine?

Yes and no. If you don’t have an override on the individual asset already, you can just assign the policy to the asset to override the inherited policy with the value you set. If you do have a policy on the asset, then yes, you’ll need to create a new folder.