Address Line 1 under contacts won't save

I just noticed that when I go to edit customers information under “Custom info” tab, I can’t update the Address line 1. I am trying to edit my client physical locations because the address line 1 is now somehow missing. I’ve highlighted the section that WILL NOT SAVE.

address line 1

Hi Thomas! Development is aware of this one and working on getting this fixed.

Our accounting is experiencing the same issue, commenting to follow thread and to let ya’ll know

Apparently it is still not fixed. I am having the same issue and I also cannot add Address1 to new sites. When I try to add a new address/site to an existing contact I get a blank field for Address1 (see attached).

Syncro, this is an actual issue that is actually affecting day to day operations. Any chance we could get an update on this?

This is currently assigned to a developer who is working on implementing a solution.

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