Adding another techs time

an old feature of our Previous ticketing system that saved a load of time and errors was allowing users to add time for other techs.
This would be good as a Permission choice so that Senior techs can add time for the techs below them but junior techs are still limited to only adding their own time.

The use case being the Primary Tech on a ticket/Project would return from a job site and add the time for all of the techs that attended the site saving on the double handling of time entries and ensuring all time was accounted for.

Currently with techs only being able to add time for themselves it adds extra steps where the ticket gets passed around for people to add their time and often we have found tickets with work not closed out because it is waiting on someone to add their time or time not being added because they forgot to reassign the ticket etc. we know for certain because of these errors we have lost alot of time. as instead of having one person responsible for the final time addition and closure of the ticket we have up to 4 people handling the ticket before closure.


We had the ability to add time for other techs in our previous ticketing system, and it was a HUGE time saver and great convenience when I was doing my end of the day/week/month reviews of tickets.

Please add this feature. It is needed.