Add zeros in front of each invoice (Invoice Settings -> Last Invoice number)


The invoices in our country (Bulgaria) have to be 10 digits, so I am trying to add several zeros in the field - Last Invoice Number (example - 0000000822), but without any success.
There is no error after saving the changes but the number is back to 822.

Strange is that adding zeros in the beginning is working, when I edit already generated invoice, but this is not a solution.

Is there any other way all invoices to start with zeros?

Thank you.

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Most systems trim zero’s at the start so Im not surprised to be honest, however a few suggestions - none may work for you.

  1. Modify the invoice template so that when the invoice is printed it has 10 characters.
  2. Make your first invoice 1000000822 rather than having a leading zero.

We do a similar thing however not with 10 digits to identify which of our systems generates the invoices based on the first digit - for us, in your example we are never going to generate enough invoices to complete 1000000822-1999999999 as invoice numbers in my lifetime.

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