Add serial number after an invoice has been paid

We sometimes have to add serials for products after an invoice has been paid.
How can we add a serial after an invoice has been paid?


Same would like to know the answer to this. Also if you are not able to - I would like to request that it is - I feel like its one of those you should have type things without having to jump too many hoops to make it happen.

Hello, for this to be done you would have to remove the payment.

Why? - this is not a dig, I am seriously asking.

From my point of view, this is not a great way of handling this.

Let’s assume: we sell a laptop last day of the month. The laptop goes onto the monthly recurring invoice.
The client pays on day 1 and gets synchronised as payment into Syncro from the accounting software. The laptop arrives on day 3.

So we have to break the automation, manually reconcile in accounting and in Syncro. All I want is add a serial so that our stock levels are correct.

To be honest this is one of the worst bugs in handling stock in Syncro. It screws us over on a regular basis and should be an easy fix.

I don’t use Syncro’s inventory so I can’t really speak to how you are handling it, so I’m only asking for my curiosity, so forgive my ignorance.

But, if you are the ones selling a laptop to a customer in your given scenario, don’t you already know the serial number before you set it up or ship it out to the customer? Why not add it beforehand?

This is because when an invoice is paid, it’s typically considered done and shouldn’t be altered. That said, I understand your use case.

I was wondering why you don’t have the laptop serial at the time you are creating the invoice? Or are you saying you are purchasing (ordering) the laptop, invoicing it, collecting payment, and all that is happening before it arrives? If so, can you just invoice for the hardware at the time it’s delivered/shipped to your customer? Then you’ll always know what the serial is at the time you generate the invoice.

It honestly shouldn’t really matter when it happens. In my use case, I have techs that don’t get the SN when selling items. It could be months later before we see that an item went out without a SN attached to a product. It could also be an item we needed to “sell” at the time to get some payment for (generating taxes, etc). Unfortunately, I have items sitting in my inventory list now that I can’t do anything with. Even items we have setup and barcoded for still ends up not getting a SN selected during the ticket → invoice for whatever reason.

Editing where a payment went, I would assume, would be far worst than just updating some text. Even if we don’t update the invoice it self, it would still be nice to at least link the item to the invoice and mark it that item out from the inventory system. That way the item is clear and can follow the customer/invoice even if its not mark in the invoice for whatever reason. Right now, we are just simply adding the SN to the other notes section and leaving the item in place as we would also have to sync differently with the accounting software.

Thanks for your reply, Andy.

For us there are multiple reasons why we would end up witout a serial number at the time of sale:

  1. Sale at the end of the month - we would send out the invoice on the last day of the month. Honestly, I much rather get paid on time than readjusting our process to satisfy the process hiw serials are handled.
  2. emergencies: we dont know about the serial until a few days after the sale - most of the time this is related to 1
  3. people forget to add a serial. We are getting this under control with training.

I do understand that invoices should not be altered after they have been issued/paid. That makes food sense. I believe, however, that this isn’t changing rhe invoice. It’s adding a serial number to a product that is already on the invoice. Also, if a purchase order is completed, the serial can be added in that way - so the readon given above is not followed through.

Honestly, this shoukd be considered a bug and not a user error.

We always invoice and receive payment prior to ordering PCs from suppliers.
Even with suppliers that offer credit terms, we always take payment from customers prior to ordering products.
If we couldn’t enter in serial numbers into Syncro for product already invoices, then it will be difficult for us to consider using Syncro for invoices. Currently we invoice direct from Quickbooks Online.

We do keep some new PCs in stock, but it is impossible to keep every HP Business model in stock.

Your use cases are valid for sure, and having had a large MSP myself, I can never discount training issues as a valid use case either. Boy do I have some stories :). It’s definitely not a bug, but to be fair, it’s definitely not user error either. At this point it’s going to be a feature request. Would you mind adding this one into the Feature Request category? We’ll track it over there.


Thank you for listening to us @Andy

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Thanks, @Andy

It is such a relieve to see your reply!

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