Add PO number to recurring invoices


One of my customers wants me to add a PO number to all invoices for the next year but I can’t see how to do it in a recurring invoice or getting it added by default to all invoices.

Anyone got an idea of how i can do this? Is it even possible?


Hi Chris, did they specify where they wanted it? You can get the PO number onto the invoice PDF using the {{invoice_po_number}} tag on the invoice template.


That number will pull automatically from the PO Number field on the invoice itself.


Yes that’s exactly what I want but how do I get this to add to all invoices, especially recurring, without having to go back in and manually add it and resend the invoices.


The PDF will be updated with the template tag on all invoices, recurring or otherwise that use that template. There isn’t a way to automatically attach the PO number, so you’d have to type it in and then send the invoice to the customer.

On the Customer Portal, it will update live, so they can go grab the PDF themselves which is another option.